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This is Your Park

The people of Hill County and the surrounding area are so fortunate to have such a great place for outdoor recreation just a few miles from home. What can you do to help preserve the park environment?


  • Campers are encouraged to pick up dead fall for use in their campfires.  Please note that the cutting of standing trees is NOT allowed – trees must be dead and down.

  • Park staff is helped by your comments and reports on conditions of park amenities.

  • Be on the lookout for signs of vandalism, and please report immediately.

  • Respect other park users.  Just like you, they are using the park for enjoyment, recreation, and relaxation.

  • Bicycling and hiking are wonderful ways to get ‘off-road.’  Bicycles can be used on all trails and hiking leaves virtually no trace or damage.

  • Pack it in, pack it out.  Beaver Creek Park provides garbage and trash services, however your help will enhance staff efforts to maintaining an inviting, safe and pleasing park environment for all.

  • As you explore the park, you may encounter plants that you don’t recognize.  Noxious weeds are having an increasingly negative impact in the Park and surrounding areas.  If you suspect or question the vegation you encounter, please bring your concerns and questions to the attention of the park staff.

  • Take pride in your park, protect it from damage.


"Lupine in the Meadow" - Photo by Peggy Ray Photography.

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