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  • When is the Park Office open?
    The Office hours change seasonally: During the summer months the office is open Thursday thru Monday until 4 pm, and closed Tuesday and Wednesday. During the winter months the office is open Monday thru Thursday 10 am to 4pm and Fridays 10 am to 1pm.
  • Does the Park have Cabins for Rent?
    No. The Cabins in the park are privately owned on land leased from the county. These lease site areas should be treated as private property, so if you have not been invited please do not trespass.
  • I reserved a Campground and paid for the reservation. Is there a limit to how many people I can invite out?
    The only limit is how many people and camper units will fit within the campground itself.
  • I reserved a Campground and paid for the reservation. Do I need to have all of my guests get a Day permit for that time period?
    No. The fee to reserve the site will also cover all of your guests who are staying at that campground for the dates reserved
  • How do I know if a reservable campground has been reserved?
    If the site has been reserved, there will be a white poster at the highway showing who has it and for what dates.
  • If a reservable campground has not been reserved, can I use it?"
    Yes. If it is not reserved you can use it. However, in the event it becomes reserved, you would need to relocate to a different campsite.
  • I found a spot I really like, but the road isn’t marked. Can I put up personal markers when I’m camping to show my friends/family where I am? "
    Yes – just make sure that your signs are family friendly, and clean them up when you leave. Signs that are unattractive, or profanely worded may be removed by Park Staff.
  • Can I cut firewood in the Park?
    The Park offers firewood permits. These are by approval of the Park Superintendent only, so call the office to schedule an appointment. Wood cut cannot be for anything other than private use – you are not allowed to sell firewood you cut on the Park. Wood cut must be dead and down – you are unable to cut standing trees.


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